Interior Design Services

Updating Your Aircraft’s Interior

Whether refreshing the seats and fixtures, upgrading the technology, or redesigning your entire cabin, we provide the opportunity to tailor your travel environment to your needs while reflecting your distinctive image.

Through years of experience, we have learned to obtain beautiful and long-lasting results. We must vigorously manage our processes to be thorough about every detail. Our mission is to listen and ask questions to ensure that your expectations are achieved, and our high standards are met.

New refurbished interior

Unique Custom Design

Our interior craftsmen will transform your cabin into an extraordinary environment with custom designs for your comfort. Using only the finest fabrics, carpets, and leathers, Central offers the highest quality craftsmanship available.

Whether your focus is an entertainment system, custom stitching, or seating arrangements, our team maximizes the value of your interior refurbishment.

Our Interior Services Include:

Design and Engineering
Virtually limitless capabilities in full interiors cabin reconfiguration and avionics.

Custom Cabinetry
Only using the finest materials on everything from minor cabinet alterations to custom cabinetry, woodwork, inlay designs and builds.

Cabin Management System
Aircraft control functions related to the cabin including: cabin illuminations, passenger signs and calls, gallery and lavatory controls, and much more.

LED Lighting
Customize the color. Customize the mood. To create the perfect ambiance with sidewall and ceiling lights, table and reading lights, and emergency lighting systems.

Custom Upholstery
The smallest of details can have the biggest impact on your interior.

Custom/Tailored Carpets
With our limitless colors and patterns, you are sure to find a fit tailored to your individual taste.

Cabin Entertainment Systems/Connectivity Solutions
Do Movies, Do Music, Do Photos, Do Maps, Do it ALL with the swipe of a fingertip. All cabin amenities become interactive and personalized with Smart Cabin CMS.

Sound Deadening and Insulation
Materials specially designed to maximize cabin acoustics.

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