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Central Flying Service has created Central Select, a program whereby Central manages the maintenance needs for the aircraft owner. The major advantage to the customer is that the Central Select program yields up to a five-year plan that defines what the owner can expect to see in the future, and the likely timeline for each occurrence.

A New Culture in Aircraft Maintenance


From the MRO perspective, our vision is to be a key part of every client’s journey.

  • Our initial review with the client starts with learning and assessing their needs and objectives.
  • Then, once the personalized plan has been assembled, the client is assigned a dedicated full-time program manager to review the client’s needs, daily.


Whether an owner has only just taken delivery of their aircraft or has flown it several years, the Central Select priorities are:

  • That the aircraft is ready and available for use as much as possible.
  • Reliably estimating aircraft downtimes and operating costs.
  • Having a guaranteed maintenance slot available on your schedule.
  • Costs and benefits of upgrades to maintain a fair market value.


The Central Select program is designed to offer complete projections, not just ‘flat rates’. Central communicates this budget and the plan with the client, meeting with the flight crews and the aircraft owner (if they choose to be involved). The advantages are clear:

  • The aircraft owner/crew has a professional organization watching out for their specific and individual needs.
  • Due to the resulting clarity over upcoming maintenance needs, and the proactive relationship between the owner/operator and Central books preferred slots for scheduling maintenance events. When the time comes for typical, normal maintenance service, Central has a slot ready for them.
  • And should the unexpected happen, Central Select program members gain priority status with AOG drop-ins, and can access Central’s AOG mobile team in the event of a technical problem occurring on the road.
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