Citation CJ3+

About This Aircraft

The newest addition to our charter fleet is a Citation CJ3+ with seating for 6 + 2 (side facing seat and belted potty), exceptional economics for 400+ kts and up to 45,000ft. Travel above the weather in speed and comfort.  Onboard Wi-Fi, stay connected on the go!


Luggage Space: Ample luggage space, including space for long items (golf clubs, skis/snowboards, hunting rifles, etc.)

Citation CJ3+ for charter from Central Flying Service

Aircraft Features

  • Capacity:  8
  • Cabin Height:  4’9
  • Cabin Width:  4’10
  • Cabin Length:  15’8
  • Baggage:  65 cu ft
  • Max Range:  2,040 NM
  • Normal Cruise:  410 KTS
Citation CJ3+ Interior 1
Citation CJ3+ Interior 3
CJ3+ Interior Diagram
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