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Yes. We offer a $99 introductory flight to allow you to experience a lesson with an FAA-certified flight instructor. You will actually get to fly the airplane. It includes approximately 30 minutes of aircraft time.

That depends on how often you can fly. Typically, if a student studies and schedules an average of 2 lessons each week, training can be completed in 4-6 months. While some students take one lesson a week, others my desire an accelerated course and fly several times per week. In any case, we will tailor the program to fit your needs. It just depends on your schedule and goals

Yes. While you can take flying lessons at any age, a student pilot must be 16 years old to solo and 17 years old to be eligible for the Private Pilot Certificate. Otherwise, there are no other age requirements.

Yes. During periods of low visibility, low clouds, rain, snow, ect., instructors will conduct ground lessons with their students. If no ground instruction is necessary that day, the instructor will reschedule the lesson with the student.

You will be assigned a primary instructor who will be responsible for your training program. Occasionally, your instructor may schedule a lesson with another instructor to obtain their objective perspective of your progress. These are called “stage checks” and can be helpful during the training process.

Yes. A student pilot, to be eligible to solo, must obtain a medical certificate by undergoing a physical from FAA-designated physician certified to issue them. If you are in good health, obtaining a medical is not difficult, and it’s fine if you wear glasses or contacts.

Simply call our flight school at (501) 975-9330 or email learntofly@central.aero to set up an appointment to meet with a flight instructor, discuss your aviation goals, and schedule your first lesson.

Student loan options are available, and we are working with financial institutions and our state to provide as many as possible.

Yes! Starting with your Instrument Rating.

Yes! That is an advantage of this program. There is no four-year wait to begin instruction and building logbook flying time.

Yes. Training is flexible and can be prescribed at a time convenient to you and your instructor.

There are three classes of medical certificate: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Any will allow an individual to operate as a private pilot. However, if your goal is to be an airline pilot, you should obtain a 1st class certificate to ensure that can be accomplished. That is the class required for the profession. A 2nd class is required for corporate pilots to be paid for their private flights for companies and individuals.

Most should be able to complete this program in two years.

Central Flying Academy requires a $1,000 deposit before training begins.

For More Information Contact Our Team Centralflyingacademy@central.aero
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