P2002 Sierra MK II


With its low wing, streamlined design and bubble canopy, theP2002 Sierra MkII is Tecnam’s sporty and stylish way to the sky.

Recognized for its maneuverability and flying qualities, whether for training or a daily ride, the Sierra MkII owners will not only benefit from its efficiency but also will distinguish themselves by its unique silhouette. The aircraft is a two-seater side-by-side, low-wing aircraft, featuring superlative performance and flying qualities, confirmed by hundreds of P2002 aircraft sold throughout the world. Due to the tapered laminar airfoil and the slotted flaps, this model is an outstanding aircraft with the perfect mix of aerodynamics, performance, and structural efficiency.

Aircraft Features

Horsepower: 100 hp

Max Cruise: 120 kts

Max Range: 900 nm

Useful Load: 489 lb

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