P2012 Traveller

The Future Is Now! Five Solutions in ONE

One aeroplane, five configurations! Fully interchangeable, the 11-seat, twin-engine TECNAM P2012 Traveller can quickly and easily be converted from a 9-passenger carrier into a special-purpose aircraft…and back again. Developed by TECNAM Research & Development  team led by renowned and award-winning expert Professor Luigi Pascale, in accordance with the latest market needs and its unique Italian Style.

  • Certified worldwide including EASA, FAA, UK, Australia, India, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Taiwan, Seychelles, Pakistan
  • 2+9 passengers single seat cabin accommodation
  • Two engine options available to tailor your needs and grand smart Performance and unrivalled Safety
  • Certified Single Pilot VFR/IFR, certified all-weather, certified PBN.
  • Multi Engine Piston (MEP) rating, no type rating issue/renewal required
P2012 Traveler

Aircraft Features

Horsepower: 750 hp

75% Cruise (10,000 ft): 175 kts

Max Range: 650 nm

Useful Load: 816 lb

P2012 Traveler Flight Deck
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